Welcome to Fun Track Dayz!

Welcome to Fun Track Dayz!

  • Fun Track Dayz was created in June of 2015 by August “Augie” Weber Sr. AFM #78 with the mission to provide safe and fun track days to riders of all skill levels, from cruizin’, to advanced, and finally extreme.
  • With the affordable pricing and unique “Intro To The Track” program, Fun Track Dayz heavily focuses on bringing riders from the street to the track to educate and teach riders the necessary skills to be safe on and off the track.
  • Every track day offers free classes, a body position clinic and has over 20 instructors available, most of whom are seasoned AFM racers, for one on one coaching to help riders of any skill level grow at the pace they are comfortable with.
  • Fun Track Dayz hosts events on the best tracks Northern California has to offer: Thunderhill Raceway, Sonoma Raceway (also known as Sears Point) and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

Your Fun and Safe Northern California Motorcycle Track Day Provider!


Jason with JPH Suspension Joins Fun Track Dayz!


Fun Track Dayz is proud to announce that JPH Suspension is our new track side suspension service provider! We’re very excited to have Jason, the best of the best, join our vendor team to provide our customers with guidance and assistance.

Want to learn more about JPH Suspension, have some immediate suspension needs or have suspension questions? Visit JPH Suspension on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JPHSuspension/


2018 Season Youth Racer Program

2018 Season Youth Racer Program

Fun Track Dayz and RiderzLaw are proud to announce the brand new 2018 Season Youth Racer Program and it’s first sponsored Youth Racers: Jack Roach

The 2018 Season Youth Racer Program, sponsored by Fun Track Dayz, MotoCrew USA and RiderzLaw, will allow youth racers age 13 to 17, with prior race experience or a race license from any race organization in the US, to ride and utilize Fun Track Dayz’ instructors at no cost at any of Fun Track Dayz’ Thunderhill East Events on a 250cc and up motorcycle and Thunderhill West Events on a 125cc and up motorcycle.

With this program, Fun Track Dayz, RiderzLaw and MotoCrew USA desire to enable young racers to move away from the go-cart tracks early in order to help talented racers become comfortable and more competitive on the real world big tracks. Fun Track Dayz strongly believes that young racers are our future. We hope that other organizations recognize the importance of this program and offer more support to our youth racers on their journey to represent the USA in Championships.


  • Must be 13 to 17 years old
  • Must have a valid race license / experience in the USA
  • 250cc+ motorcycle is required for Thunderhill East
  • 125cc+ motorcycle is required for Thunderhill West
  • Must run Fun Track Dayz stickers on motorcycle

All Youth Racers will start out in the C-Group on their first track day out on the “big” track and will be assigned an AFM licensed instructor for evaluation and coaching. The first C-Group session is always a lead and follow session giving the Youth Racer the chance to learn the track layout and lines. If the Youth Racer exceeds the C-Group pace, we will move the rider into the next group.

Important: In order to sign up your Youth Racer and attend one of our event at no cost, you must contact sponsor@funtrackdayz.com at least two weeks prior to an event and sign up. Thanks!


Intro to the Track by Fun Track Dayz

Exciting announcement from Fun Track Dayz – we have a new addition to all of our track days at Thunderhill Raceway: Intro to the Track!

Beginners Only! Have you always wanted to ride on the track but aren’t sure if you can hang? The “Intro to the Track” program is only $45 and gets you out on the track for two (2) twenty (20) minute sessions with 1-on-1 instructions on and off the track.

All “Intro to the Track” riders are required to attend the riders meeting before the first session of the day. The riders meeting is at 8:15 a.m. and lasts for approximately thirty (30) minutes. During the riders meeting Fun Track Dayz explains track procedures, rules and flags.

The first twenty (20) minute “Intro to the Track” session is at 9:00 a.m. and is 100% controlled and led by instructors in groups of 5 riders, allowing you to learn the track layout. Once your first session is complete, there is a mandatory follow-up class for all “Intro to the Track” riders going more in depth into the riding techniques and giving you a chance to ask any questions you might have.

The second twenty (20) minute “Intro to the Track” session is at 10:00 a.m. This session is with 1-on-1 instructions on the track. After the second session is complete, you will have a follow-up with your instructor. If you decide that you want to ride the rest of the day (additional five (5) twenty (20) minute sessions), we will apply your $45 toward a full track day and you pay the balance of $115.

Space for “Intro to the Track” is limited. Check our website for more information on gear, motorcycle requirements and event dates. Registration the day of the event is subject to availability, please book in advance to ensure your spot. All “Intro to the Track” riders must ride in the Cruzin group only, no exceptions. You ride in the first 2 sessions of the day.