Youth Racer Program

2018 Season Youth Racer Program

Fun Track Dayz, RiderzLaw and MotoCrew USA are proud to announce the brand new 2018 Season Youth Racer Program and it’s first two sponsored Youth Racers: Jack Roach and Argee Cardenas.

The 2018 Season Youth Racer Program, sponsored by Fun Track Dayz, MotoCrew USA and RiderzLaw, will allow youth racers age 9 to 17, with prior race experience or a race license from any race organization in the US, to ride and utilize Fun Track Dayz’ instructors at no cost at any of Fun Track Dayz’ Thunderhill East Events on a 250cc and up motorcycle and Thunderhill West Events on a 125cc and up motorcycle.

With this program, Fun Track Dayz, RiderzLaw and MotoCrew USA desire to enable young racers to move away from the go-cart tracks early in order to help talented racers become comfortable and more competitive on the real world big tracks. Fun Track Dayz strongly believes that young racers are our future. We hope that other organizations recognize the importance of this program and offer more support to our youth racers on their journey to represent the USA in Championships.

Please contact for more details or to sign up.