Kinsy Daughhetee


Name: Kinsy Daughhetee AFM #1W
Age: 32
Instructors Background: Kinsey is one of the original instructors for Precision Trackdays
Teaching Skills: Kinsey is patient, versatile and down to earth. Always eager to help some learn because she loves seeing them grow as a rider. She has been to Yamaha championship racing school, she attended Rickdiculous racing school, and several California Supermoto schools, as well as Feel Like a Pro Dirt.
Accomplishments: Kinsey is mother to one talented, daring, motorcycle loving 8-year-old. She made the decision, on her own, to take her MSF class that has led her down this rabbit-hole of lifetime motorcycle friends, the grandest adventures, and finding her biggest passion in life.
Current Bikes: 07 Yamaha R6, TTR 125
Past Bikes: 03 Yamaha R6, KLX 125
Favorite Dream Bike: BMW 1000RR (the only liter bike she would actually own)
Favorite Track: Reno Fernley raceway when it was in its prime. it had a vast variety of turns and the first turn after the longest straight ever was heart racing. IT WAS AWESOME!
Racing Hero: Her grandfather. He was her inspiration to get into motorcycles.
Occupation: Current Chief registrar of the American Federation of Motorcyclist and a licensed Veterinary Technician.