Joe Denton


Name: Joe Denton (Joe Longhair)
Age: 43
Instructors Background: Joe got his first dirtbike in 6th grade, his first street bike at 18 and he has been riding ever since. Joe has been having fun at the track for 7 years or so now.
Teaching Skills: Joe works best following and seeing what areas allow for easiest improvement. He loves newbies!
Accomplishments: Joe is “just a normal dude like you who loves ice cream, tacos, and most of all, all things with two wheels and a motor”
Current Bikes: R6, FJR1300
Past Bikes: DRZ400SM, V-Star1100, Hayabusa, R1 (3 of them) FZR600, GSXR750, Ninja250R, NX125, KX250, the list goes on…
Favorite Dream Bike: He lovse them all. Really. He can have a blast on a little 250 cruiser, a moped, a full super sport…loves it all.
Favorite Track: Laguna Seca
Racing Hero: Mr. Rossi
Occupation: Mid-life retirement