August ‘Augie’ Weber Sr.



Name: August ‘Augie’ Weber Sr. AFM #78
Age: 61 years young
Instructors Background: Augie has been racing since 1987
Teaching Skills: Over the past two decades, Augie taught 100s of people how to ride bikes on the street and on the track
Accomplishments: Augie is all about safety. As a Technical Inspector for AFM, he set up hay bales for safety barriers at all AFM events and AMA National Road Races from 1989-1994. During those years continued to upgrade safety in corners for both AFM and AMA. He also organized several track days in the early ‘90s at Sears Point Raceway
Current Bikes: 2007 Suzuki GSXR 1000
Past Bikes: 1991 FZR 1000, YZR 500 RC 30
Favorite Track: Sears Point Raceway
Racing Hero: Steady Eddie Lawson and Wayne Rainey
Occupation: Owner of Fun Track Dayz and “Match Maker” (Sales Associate Motorcycles) at Munroe Motors