Who We Are


August "Augie" Weber Sr. (right)August "Billy" Weber Jr. (left)

August “Augie” Weber Sr. (right)
August “Billy” Weber Jr. (left)

  • Fun Track Dayz was created in June of 2015 by August “Augie” Weber Sr. AFM #78 and driven to success by Bill Schaffer, Director of Operations and Marketing, with the mission to provide safe and fun track days to riders of all skill levels, from cruizin’, to advanced, and finally extreme.
  • With the affordable pricing and unique “Intro To The Track” program, Fun Track Dayz heavily focuses on bringing riders from the street to the track to educate and teach riders the necessary skills to be safe on and off the track.
  • Every track day offers free classes, a body position clinic and has over 20 instructors available, most of whom are seasoned AFM racers, for one on one coaching to help riders of any skill level grow at the pace they are comfortable with.


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      August ‘Augie’ Weber Sr.
     Bill Schaffer
billy     August Weber Jr
    Patrick Carroll
curtis     Curtis Zeeb
garrett     Garrett Pacheco
     Rodrigo Arrazola
     Gabe Rapisardo
     Johnny Doerheit
     Ken Williams
lee     Lee Simmons
     Greg Jessee
     Kinsy Daughhetee
     Krissie Coseteng
     Bogna Davis
     Kate Whitmire
    Frankie Mehrer
     Joe Akrop
     Corey Regan
    Rene Galindo
    Elan  Moyal
    Luis Pimentel
    Robert McCoy


    Richard “Kentucky” Stone



     Kristina Weber
shandra     Shandra Thomas
     Kimie Sako
    Angela Michelle
    Toni Jimenez