The Little Things

Here at Fun Track Dayz we try and make your day with us as FUN as possible, that’s why every little thing counts!
  • Every morning we provide FREE donuts and coffee at registration.
  • Protecting your hearing is important to us, that’s why we offer FREE ear plugs at registration for all riders.
  • Staying hydrated on the track even on a cool day is very important. Our Hydration Station is open all day and provides ICE COLD water and Speedbee Energy Drinks all day to keep you hydrated.
  • On those really HOT days stop by our cooling station where our HUGE 10,000CFM fan pushes a nice cool mist of water all day long.
  • Need help getting your bike ready for the track? Stop by our all new Bike Prep Station and we’ll help you get your bike ready for Bike Tech.
  • Instructors are available for FREE all day long along with Classroom instruction available till lunch.
  • Get an up-close guided track tour to our “Track Walk” every night before each event open for everyone to attend.
  • FREE Camping, Movie and Beer night, the night before all of our events.

Some item are limited to quantity and are first come first serve.