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2018 Dealership Program

Buy any Sport bike form any participating dealership and receive a free “Intro to the Track” certificate

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  • 2018 Fun Track Dayz Vendor Program
  • For the 2018 Season, all vendors have the choice between being a “Preferred Vendor” and an “Approved Vendor”.
  • Preferred Vendors are welcome to come and vend at no cost at all Fun Track Dayz events.
  • All Preferred Vendors will be introduced in the rider’s meeting, their logo will appear on select FTD marketing material and on the FTD website.
  • Additionally, FTD will make PA announcements at FTD events encouraging people to stop by the Preferred Vendor’s booth.
  • Preferred Vendors are required to support FTD by advertising all FTD events twice, two weeks prior to each FTD event on social media.
  • A barter agreement for track time is available at every vendor’s discretion.
  • Approved Vendors are also welcome to come and vend at no cost at all Fun Track Dayz events. There is no obligation to advertise for FTD, however, the logos of Approved Vendors will not appear on select FTD marketing material or the FTD website. Approved Vendors will not be announced at the riders meeting.
  • Please note that FTD will allow only one type of vendor at our events and Preferred Vendors take priority over Approved Vendors.
  • Last but not least, FTD would like to encourage all vendors to offer more support to our instructors for the 2018 season. All our instructors work hard and without pay to make FTD events most enjoyable for the customers and help us grow the events and with this drive each respective vendor’s business.

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